4Pussy Riot – Budapest

Pussy Riot NOT GUILTY – Putin: GUILTY

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Nadezhda Tolokonnikova’s apartment – after 9 months

Today relatives entered the apartment Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. This is the first visit after the search of the FSB. A search of the FSB was 9 months ago.
(FSB: read the parts about Anna Politkovskaja)

RUSSIA would be so much better off without Putin …
a change would do so much good for Russia – for a chnage …

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Famous Russian artist sues Pussy Riot for 1 million Rubles!!

12 December 2012 | Issue 5034
The Moscow Times

Artist Nikas Safronov has filed a civil suit against the authors of a Pussy Riot video for using his image without permission.

Sergei Zhorin, the artist’s attorney, said Wednesday that he had filed a lawsuit on the basis of “protecting the rights to an image” for the use of Safronov’s image in the video titled “Pussy Riot Scorches Putin’s Glamour” that appeared on YouTube on Nov. 30, 2011, Interfax reported.

“Nikas never supported that band,” Zhorin said, adding that he and his client may turn to the Interior Ministry to determine the creator of the video (THIS IS IT !!!!!!!!!!!)

The video, which appeared on the eve of the parliamentary elections held on Dec. 4, 2011, showed a typically scandalous performance by the band at a closed fashion show attended by Moscow celebrities, during which Safronov was shown “jumping from his seat and demanding to be taken out of the hall,” Pussy Riot wrote in their blog.

Safronov said he wasn’t aware of Pussy Riot’s popularity and that he only learned about the video from his son Luka, Lenta.ru reported.

Nikas Safronov

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DICTATORSHIP: Russia 2012 – what Putin’s regime have banned this year

Things that have been made illegal in Russia this year:–Protesting (the fine is now an average years wages)
–Gay Pride (It was just banned in Moscow for 100 years)
–Rainbows (displaying a rainbow is now considered promoting pornography)

–and now Pussy Riot’s Videos have just been made illegal!FREE PUSSY RIOT FREE RUSSIA!!!

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Pussy Riot Member Put in Solitary Confinement


Moscow Times

Jailed Pussy Riot band member Maria Alyokhina has been placed in solitary confinement for her own protection, prison authorities said Friday.

Alyokhina, who is serving a two-year prison sentence at a prison colony in the Perm region, was moved to a safe room at her own request.

“The girl wrote to the leadership of the colony requesting measures to ensure her safety. She demonstrated that those around her have a bad attitude toward her. Therefore it was decided to transfer her to a room where she can be alone indefinitely,” a prison representative told Interfax on Friday.

Alyokhina and fellow band member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova were convicted of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred for a provocative performance in Moscow’s largest cathedral in August. A third band member, Yekaterina Samutsevich, was released on appeal in October.

One of the band members’ former lawyers, Mark Feigin, has said he thinks the women’s lives could be endangered in the notoriously harsh conditions of a Russian prison colony.

An Internet campaign to bombard the Ministry of Justice with complaints about Pussy Riot’s sentence was blocked Thursday night after more than 500 faxes addressed to President Vladimir Putin had been sent.

The campaign at faxyouputin.com appeared online on Wednesday. It allowed web users to use an automated service to fax the Ministry of Justice an A4 picture of a balaclava with the words “Dear Mr. Putin, free speech is a human right. Please reconsider Pussy Riot’s punishment.”

A message posted on the website and the group’s Twitter feed late Thursday said the fax service it was using pulled the plug after having sent 595 faxes from 46 countries.

Read more: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/pussy-riot-member-put-in-solitary-confinement/471854.html#ixzz2D9z8oOBK
The Moscow Times